Lee Pera


Lee is a geographer and community builder.  A "third culture kid," she lived in 27 houses in six countries before landing in Washington, DC where she built her own tiny house on wheels and started a tiny house community. Founder of Kotierra, Lee shares her expertise as a tiny house consultant, helping communities and cities implement zoning changes for tiny house development and leading workshops for individuals curious about the movement. Previously, Lee worked in federal government and higher education.   

The Past & Future of Tiny Houses and Mobile Living
with Lee Pera
Community Vision Stage, 1:30pm

Although the tiny house movement is often portrayed as a new phenomenon or fad, there is a long history of mobile living in the United States. From autocamping to travel trailers to house trailers and mobile homes, individuals and cities have been grappling with alternative forms of mobile housing for over 100 years. Learn about the history of mobile living in the United States and some of the regulatory systems that have been set in place over time and how they have influenced the current tiny house movement and new zoning and building code being implemented across the country.

What is the Future of the Tiny House Movement?
Moderated by Ethan Waldman and including Lina Menard, Domenic Mangano, Jewel Pearson, and Lee Pera
Community Vision Stage, 2:00pm

What started as a fringe housing movement has become a national phenomenon. As cities around the country scramble to adapt to changing housing demands, what will be the fate of the tiny house movement? In this panel discussion and live recording of the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast where we will discuss the future of the tiny house movement from multiple perspectives: Social, economic, environmental, and more. Panelists include tiny house builders, dwellers, and advocates.

Erin Maile O'Keefe