Lina Menard

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Lina is a designer, builder, and tiny house dweller. She keeps a blog called This Is The Little Life, featuring vignettes about simple living in small spaces. Lina holds a Sustainable Building & Design Certification from Yestermorrow, a masters in Urban & Regional Planning from Portland State University, and certificates in Urban Design and Sustainable Building Advising. Lina has been featured in the Portland Tribune, OR Magazine, Vermont Public Radio, and Portlandia.

Niche Design/Build

What is the Future of the Tiny House Movement?
Moderated by Ethan Waldman and including Lina Menard, Domenic Mangano, Jewel Pearson, and Lee Pera
Community Vision Stage, 2:00pm

What started as a fringe housing movement has become a national phenomenon. As cities around the country scramble to adapt to changing housing demands, what will be the fate of the tiny house movement? In this panel discussion and live recording of the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast where we will discuss the future of the tiny house movement from multiple perspectives: Social, economic, environmental, and more. Panelists include tiny house builders, dwellers, and advocates.

Tiny House Design Considerations
with Lina Menard
Design/Build Stage, 12:30pm

In a small space design matters exponentially more. Lina Menard, who has designed and built two tiny houses of her own and consulted on , designed, and helped build dozens more, will share small space design considerations, tips, tricks, strategies, and mistakes to avoid. Whether you're a DIYer or planning to work with a designer and/or builder, if you're considering a small space of your own take advantage of Lina's wisdom and expertise to create your tiny dream home. (Lina will also be providing design guidance in the speed design sessions, so take advantage of both!)

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