Andrew Keller


Fascinated by the relationships between people, landscape, and architecture, Andy attended University of California, Berkeley’s School of Environmental Design (Master of Architecture; Master of Urban and Regional Planning). While in California, Andy was fortunate to work with noted participatory designer and landscape architect Randy Hester (Ecological Democracy), and with Daniel Solomon, a founding member of the Congress for the New Urbanism. Upon returning to the East Coast, Andy became LEED certified and joined a generation of architects increasingly informed by building science and green building techniques. Still fascinated by the process of designing and building, Andy became an adjunct instructor in architecture, landscape architecture, and community design, eventually becoming the primary instructor for Yestermorrow’s core design course, “Ecological Design in the Built Environment”. Most recently, Andy was the professor of sustainable design at Green Mountain College’s Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED) program.

Critical-Thinking with the Head and Hand: Design-Build Education
with Andy Keller (moderator) and staff + students from Yestermorrow Design/Build School, Green Mountain College, Norwich University and Middlebury College
Design/Build Stage, 1:00pm

Design-build education is a holistic act of critical-thinking for the head and for the hand supporting provocative and empowering opportunity for makers, and ultimately, the users. More simply, design-build education, intertwines designing and building, thinking with making. Yet, precisely how it is applied remains wonderfully fluid and adaptable to a broad range of social contexts. Come hear how four different schools from within Vermont's world of design-build education explore thinking and making in the built environment.

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