Jacob Mushlin

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Jacob is a builder, designer, and teacher. He’s the owner/founder of Measure Twice: Carpentry, Contracting and Consulting, which focuses on people-centric architecture and unusual endeavors. Jacob has taught with various universities and alternative education programs. His educational background started in architecture and continued in the visual arts, all the while working as a laborer and carpenter’s assistant in the trades.  Since school, he has worked in historic restoration, high performance residential home design, and construction, and community-centric public interest projects. He lives in Burlington, VT where he enjoys road biking, x-country skiing, playing music, and the sorts of conversations that happen while sitting on the kitchen floor.

Jacob’s first introduction to Yestermorrow was as a student in the Sustainable Treehouse Design and Construction the spring of 2008.  Not long afterwards he enrolled in the Certificate in Sustainable Design/Build and in the fall of 2010 participated in the school’s internship program.  He is as an instructor for a handful of classes and is a faculty member for the Semester in Sustainable Design/Build at Yestermorrow.

Measure Twice

Don't Get Sketched-Out over SketchUp
with Jacob Mushlin
Design/Build Stage, 12:00pm

If you've had a conversation about building in the past 10 years you've probably been told that SketchUp is amazing and you gotta learn how to use it. And it's all true. It's a remarkably accessible and powerful tool used by professionals and beginners alike. For those who don't have experience with computer aided design, SketchUp it can still be mystifying and intimidating. This quick intro will walk participants through the baseline uses of the tool and aims to empower and inspire. You won't walk away as an expert, but you'll have a better sense of what the tool can do, how it works, and when in your design process you should pick it up! No laptop/program needed.

Your Trailer IS Your Foundation
with Keith Lewis + Jacob Mushlin
Design/Build Stage, 2:00pm

Imagine a hurricane AND an earthquake hit the same place at the same time. That's what your tiny-house-on-wheels experiences every time you tow it. Knowing what a building will experience over the course of it's life should inform design and materials. Talking about managing condensation points and tension-ties isn't sexy, but you know what is? Long-lasting carefully thought through buildings. Join a couple designer/builders who've been at it long enough to see industry trends for an accessible discussion about sexy trailer details. No experience needed.

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