Keith Lewis

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Keith started making things with his hands in early childhood in the woods of northern Michigan building tree houses and fixing things around the farm. A love affair with wood and tools would direct him at a young age through woodworking and building trades courses throughout his primary education right into an apprenticeship and career in residential /commercial construction in the Midwest and greater Boston area. Always looking to expand his experience, Keith would eventually share his craft through teaching building trades and managing the construction of a youth center in 2012 for UTEC, a youth organization in Lowell, MA  and The Elliot School of applied arts in Jamaica Plain, MA. Keith was introduced to Yestermorrow as a student in 2012/2013 when he enrolled in the Sustainable Building Design certificate. Now a design/build project manager for a company focused on antique and historical structure restoration and conversions, Keith’s passion for woodworking and teaching has inspired him to return to Yestermorrow as an instructor. A passion for traditional techniques integrated with modern technology has provided endless opportunity to keep the art of building fresh and exciting for him as well as teaching others who share the will to create with their hands.

In addition to building Keith, has been a professional musician touring the greater US over 15 years and eventually teaching music to kids with special needs as a therapeutic outlet of expression and communication. Bringing people together and creating things with their hands whether it’s a shelter or a song is the fuel that feeds the fire for him and Yestermorrow is the ultimate place for someone like  Keith.

Your Trailer IS Your Foundation
with Keith Lewis + Jacob Mushlin
Design/Build Stage, 2:00pm

Imagine a hurricane AND an earthquake hit the same place at the same time. That's what your tiny-house-on-wheels experiences every time you tow it. Knowing what a building will experience over the course of it's life should inform design and materials. Talking about managing condensation points and tension-ties isn't sexy, but you know what is? Long-lasting carefully thought through buildings. Join a couple designer/builders who've been at it long enough to see industry trends for an accessible discussion about sexy trailer details. No experience needed.

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