Matthew Connors

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Matt Connors resides in Acworth, NH with his daughter on the Cold Pond Community Land Trust. Matt's focus is on homesteading, permaculture, and sustainable design, amongst other things. He has run a successful, toxin free, truly eco-friendly house painting business called New Leaf Professional Painting for the last 17 years, and has more recently been transitioning into full time off-grid solar design and installation through his new business venture Homegrown Solar. Matt loves connecting with like-minded people on ideas and initiatives focused on sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and supporting community.

Vermont Solar Installers
with Morgan Easton, Chris Sparadeo, and Matt Connors
Design/Build Stage, 3:00pm

Join us to hear from an array of PV installers from around the state. Hear what they have to offer, the latest on state and federal incentives, learn about off-grid vs. grid-tied systems, what to consider before investing, and get your solar questions answered by the local experts!

  • Is solar right for you?

  • How many panels and batteries will you need?

  • How can you lower my electric usage to make a solar feasible?

  • What do you do in winter when it is dark so much?

  • What to do for refrigeration?

  • How can you get internet off-grid?

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