Guest Blog: Mobile Homeschooling

Oak Meadow

June 2017

"Of all the reasons we chose to live in a tiny house, home schooling is definitely one of them . . . People think it poses such a challenge, but the tiny house is actually an enabler."

“Tiny House Living: How Two Families Made It Work” YES! Magazine

So you’re living in a tiny house—or seriously thinking about making the move. You also embrace a mobile lifestyle but . . . you have school-aged kids and you’re wondering: How on earth I can live this dream while assuring my kids receive the education I want for them?

 The tinyhouse-minded typically strive for:

  • Flexibility

  • Freedom

  • Simplification

  • Adventure

  • Self-sufficiency

  • Sustainability

  • Resilience

 If this list resonates—you also share many traits with parents who are homeschool-minded!

Homeschooling or enrolling your child in a distance program is a great option for families who live on the road (search roadschooling, roamschooling, worldschooling on Google and Facebook). Homeschool-minded parents are open to possibilities. They recognize multiple ways of learning, and they seek out ways to engage with their child in the way he or she learns best. They recognize multiple solutions to the question of education. If the status quo isn’t working for their child, or a chosen lifestyle doesn’t mesh with sending the kids to a traditional brick-and-mortar school, they seek a different solution with an open mind.

 If you’ve never considered homeschooling, ask yourself, do you...

  • enjoy being with your child much of the time;

  • take it upon yourself to find ways to support your child’s learning when they are excited about something;

  • believe there is more than one right way to learn;

  • recognize that learning happens outside of school walls as easily as within them;

  • play word games, delve into math challenges, or discuss what everyone is reading at your family’s mealtime;

  • dislike the rhythm and rush of the daily school grind;

  • encourage unstructured learning and learning through play;

  • consider it your responsibility to teach your children the things that matter most to you, rather than leaving the job to their teachers? 

If you end up with a lot of yeses, homeschooling might be right for you! Homeschool-minded parents recognize the value of being regularly involved with their child’s learning. They search for materials to support, supplement, and enliven learning at home. They take an active interest in their child’s passions and go out of their way to support them. They recognize that school grades are never a complete assessment of a child’s well-being, character, or potential, so they remove that factor from the learning equation. Most of all, they love learning right along with their children—an oft-cited bonus of homeschooling.

 Here are some other great benefits of homeschooling, whether you’re on the road or not.

  • You can visit prime attractions during the off season: museums, national parks, historic sites!

  • Your kids get to follow a sleep schedule based on their body’s natural rhythms, instead of the school bus schedule.

  • You have more freedom to socialize regularly as a family with people of all ages, which helps kids become socially confident, articulate, and well-rounded.

  • You can go on field trips when and wherever!

  • You can stay in your pajamas all day :)


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