Talks & Panel Discussions

Resilience and the Tiny House Movement

Alex Wilson

North Stage 10:30am

Climate change has arrived and is altering the face of the Earth. While working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is now clear that we must address adaptation—designing our buildings and communities to be resilient to the impact of more intense storms, changing precipitation patterns, and more frequent power outages. This is a big part of what resilient design is all about. In this presentation, Alex Wilson, of the Resilient Design Institute, will delve into resilient design and explain why low-energy tiny houses are inherently more resilient than conventional housing.

Pocket Parks and Tactical Urbanism

Ward Joyce

South Stage 4:00pm

Pocket Parks can be built on all sorts of underused public spaces and are surprisingly easy to accomplish. They are powerful tools for helping to revitalize downtowns, even as short term installations. Pop-ups can quickly illustrate how beautifying even small pockets of public space can impact the character and culture of a downtown. This presentation will show a cross section of tactical urbanism projects from around the country, including various in Vermont, that have moved the dial on our appreciation of public spaces.

Tiny House Zoning & Parking