Angela Berkfield

Founder & Director of ACT for Social JusticeAngela brings nearly two decades of community social work and food justice organizing experience focused mainly in Minnesota, Puerto Rico, Thailand, and Vermont. She has been facilitating workshops for 15 years, with everything from small grassroots organizations to large non-profits. Social justice is not only a professional pursuit for Angela, she has spent 20 years actively working through race and class privilege and the last eight years working with colleagues on uncovering internalized racism and on holding each other accountable on finding new ways of thinking and being. Her life and work experience have taught her how much she still has to learn and she invites you to be a part of that learning process. She is committed to the collective process of ending all oppression and building a world where ALL people have what they need to thrive. She has an undergraduate degree in Social Work and Spanish and a graduate degree in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations from SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, VT. Angela is a co-founder of The Root Social Justice Center. She is the proud mother of two young kids, who are amazing teachers.

Tiny House for Change: Class Equity and the Tiny House Movement

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