Brian Just

Brian manages Efficiency Vermont's residential new construction team. He is a mechanical engineer with a research background in biomass combustion/indoor air quality who currently focuses on energy and health issues. Brian is RESNET, Passive House (CPHC), and LEED AP certified, and serves on the board of the Vermont Green Building Network. He is committed to helping Vermont's residential design and construction community pave the way to highly efficient, healthful, durable homes.

The Drawbacks of Breathing—Ventilation in Tiny Homes
North Stage 12:00
A 2016-17 study in 22 existing Vermont homes unearthed some eye-opening data about pollutant levels in bedrooms during nighttime. The good news? Smart design is critical but not that difficult if you think ahead. You'll walk away with key strategies for keeping you/your family breathing healthier air in your current or future tiny home.