Chrissy Bellmyer

In July in 2015, Chrissy Bellmyer started construction on her tiny house on wheels. She collaborated with carpenter Seth Lang of Crown Point, NY as the lead builder on the project. Knowing that she wanted to use as many reclaimed/second hand materials as possible, she spent the earlier part of the year scouring Craigslist, building supply stores and friends garages for materials. Starting with a vague plan, they designed the house as they built incorporating materials as they found them. For example, rather than incorporating windows into the original design and purchasing windows to fit the plan, they created the design based on the windows they had salvaged.

Chrissy’s tiny house evolved into a beautiful and comfortable living space that proves reuse/salvage doesn’t have to be rustic. After completing the tiny house, Chrissy knew that she wanted to continue to share her tiny house journey and learn more about green building. She blogs about tiny house living at and works at Yestermorrow Design/Build School as the Student Services Coordinator.

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Downsizing + Zero Waste Living in Tiny Houses
North Stage 2:30
Inspired by the zero waste movement, Chrissy dramatically downsized her possessions and built a tiny house on wheels using as many second hand materials as possible. Learn Chrissy's tips for sourcing second hand materials, downsizing and how to live a zero waste lifestyle in a 200 square foot home.

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