Tom Greene

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As a student in 2011 earning a degree in Sustainable Living in Iowa, I was a teacher’s assistant (TA) for a Tiny House Design class. For my Senior Project, on a Farm I am developing as an Intentional Community ( ) I created a Tiny House Village design, razed a Barn for materials and built my 20x10 Tiny house with predominantly recycled materials. Now 5 years later we have a dynamic organic farm with a Tiny house Village for 11 cabins (THOG’s) or THOWs for members and several THOW sites for visitors.

In Philadelphia, I founded the Meetup group for Philadelphia Tiny House Community with over 800 members now. We have worked on developing a community in Philadelphia and I working on suburban areas as well.

For three decades I have been a site selector and developer with over $130 Million in real estate sales as a realtor helping many to find the right place to live in their dream home.

I spend my time between Iowa and Philadelphia working on a Tiny House Community and work regularly with people in researching appropriate places for placement of their dream. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Resilient and Sustainable Communities.

Find Your Place Before You Build Your Space: The Village Model
South Stage 2:30pm
Too many people buy into a dream and the hype of going tiny and move straight to design and purchase or build. These are steps B, C, and D. Step A is knowing where you want to live and have found a Place that will accommodate you Space. Village living is healthy, wholesome and necessary; so who or what is your village, your tribe. Who do you want to live with and what broader community is the foundation needed to hold Place as an extension of village?

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