Pam Kimball


Pam Kimball works as the Project Coordinator for the Big Enough: Small House Project at Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity in Northampton, MA. We are exploring and sharing our findings about the opportunities and challenges of building small, energy efficient, MA code compliant homes at an affordable price. We have investigated the reality of creating more small houses in terms of land access & infrastructure; ownership & financing; and design & construction. 

Prior to her work on the Big Enough Project Pam managed the build out of zero energy homes, the permitting of developments, and the planning co-housing communities with Transformations, Inc.  These super-insulated homes were designed to produce with solar the power that they needed for heat, hot water and electricity. She attended Babson College where she studied Business and Entrepreneurial Studies. She lives in Warwick, MA and also works as a dowser. 

Big Enough: Pioneering the Small Home Revolution in Western Mass
North Stage 4pm
We propose to launch more families into the middle class by helping them to become first-time owners of small, simple, green homes with modest monthly costs to live in. Innovations in homebuilding toward energy efficient, compact homes with footprints that occupy very little real estate offer new possibilities for increasing the number of homeownership opportunities among lower- and lower-middle-income families.  Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity has been exploring the financial, regulatory, design, and social/cultural challenges to achieving greater production of small homes in Hampshire and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts.  Learn more about some of the considerations for building small in Massachusetts.  Join our Facebook group and share your thoughts or check for more info.

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