Nika Fotopulos + Michael Iacona


At the heart of it, we are homesteaders. We grow as much of our own food, built our own tiny house and larger passive solar super insulated house, grow and make medicine, homeschool our daughter Ella, all in an attempt to live intimately with our environment and our relations. Mike is a licensed carpenter and one of his great passions is working with wood, from spoons, to wooden yurts, cabinets and firewood. Nika is a farmer, medicine woman and budding broom maker. Together, we look forward to growing old and gray on a piece of land where we raise children and give pickles to our neighbors. 
To see wooden yurts Mike has built, visit
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In Compromising Positions: How to live in a tiny space with your partner
North Stage 3:30
Do you think you could you move into a small space with your partner or family? Couples who have lived together in tiny houses for years, share their stories and wisdom.

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