Scott Moore


I have continually explored the power that art holds in redefining public space as a celebratory act. With work ranging from the production of a clandestine sculpture garden in the heart of Philadelphia to a situationist marching band in NYC,  the creation of inclusive public empowerment platforms has been pervasive throughout my career.  My roots in performance and public activism are two currents that have shared the same stream bed for 32 years. I am also a cofounder and director of Beautiful Midden, a multifaceted arts, education and activism project which served the greater community of Taos New Mexico by working closely with the non-profit water organization Amigos Bravos, the Taos Public Schools, Taos County, the local Forest Service and BLM, The Taos Center for the Arts, The Harwood Museum, and The Trust for Public Lands.

As the current art teacher at the Grammar School in Putney, it is a great privilege and responsibility for me to help cultivate joy and engagement with children in the fields of art, environmental stewardship, community service, history, and personal empowerment.

This is my second year working with the parklet groups at the Tiny House Fest Vermont.  

Fest Feature:
Parklets (mini public spaces)
10:00-5:00 along Flat Street