John Connell


John Connell is Yestermorrow’s founder and most active dilettante.  As a reoccurring board member, he chairs the CORE Masterplan Committee and teaches whenever possible.  Architect (2Morrow Studio) and Urbanist (Mashpee Commons LP), he is currently focused on green, modular housing strategies to promote residential Architecture at reasonable cost.  An author (Homing InstinctCreating the Inspired House) and frustrated animator,  he has co-founded or launched the Congress on Residential Architecture (CORA), the Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN) and Forever Young Treehouses.  These days he is engrossed with dramatically elevating the design conversation throughout the school.

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Tiny House ‘Hoods—Context is Everything
1:00 Community Vision Stage
A handful of tiny houses committed to each other can transform a neighborhood or even create a new one! By committing to a location – a neighborhood - tiny houses become tiny homes.  Tiny homes, ancillary housing, granny-flats, and other traditional cottages comprise the crucial ingredients in healthy, robust, towns.  There are just so many opportunities.

Speed Design Review:

Good Design for All
4:00 Community Vision Stage
After a full day of inspiration, we gather to discuss what we've learned about the benefits of good design and how we can employ good design that supports equity in our communities.