Mackenzie Stagg


Mackenzie Stagg has worked with Rural Studio in a variety of capacities over the course of the last fifteen years: first as a student, then as outreach instructor, and now as research faculty exploring the 20K House initiative. Through Rural Studio, she has worked on the design and construction of ten 20K Houses, as well as working on community-centered projects. Mackenzie's work at Rural Studio has been intertwined with design work at firms in Birmingham, AL; Christiansburg, VA; and - most recently - New Orleans, LA.

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Architecture of Decency—Rural Studio and the 20K House
12:30 Community Vision Stage

Rural Studio is a student design-build program of Auburn University’s School of Architecture. Through a context-based service learning curriculum, students live and work alongside community clients in West Alabama’s Black Belt region. Dedicated to the design and construction of affordable houses and community-based projects, Rural Studio works with a broad variety of community partners across five counties who, together, are committed to investing in and reinforcing the collective value of place. The 20K House program - a Rural Studio initiative - seeks to leverage place-based research on small, affordable, high-performance housing to create a fulfillment network with impacts well beyond our service population.

Good Design for All
4:00 Community Vision Stage
After a full day of inspiration, we gather to discuss what we've learned about the benefits of good design and how we can employ good design that supports equity in our communities.