Windham County Renewable Energy Program


Since 2017, the Windham County Renewable Energy Program has funded 9 renewable energy projects within the county. These projects have included a range of technologies from rooftop solar to demonstrative partnerships of agriculture and ground mounted solar to anaerobic digestion and biomass fueled combined heat and power.  The panelists are representatives from 4 of our projects and will give insight into the installations, the technologies, and the impact on our local community and economy.  Moderated by Marion Major, energy planner with Windham Regional Commission, the highlighted projects include:

  • Allard Lumber (Panelist: Trevor Allard)
    Allard in Dummerston has been working towards installing a higher working pressure biomass fueled boiler. WCREP funding will fund directing this steam into a steam engine & generator, with the resultant electricity being put onto the local grid. This combined heat and power unit will be utilized for the kiln and to generate electricity.
  • Windham County Integrated Resource Recycling Center Anaerobic Digester (Panelist: Morgan Casella)
    The study will identify the quantity and quality of food waste from multiple commercial generators, estimate methane gas production, and project electrical generation. The resulting project could help the Windham Region meet the new solid waste management rules regulating organic materials.
  • Great River Terrace (Panelist: Peter Paggi)
    The Great River Terrace project is a redevelopment of the Lamplighter Inn, Putney Rd in Brattleboro, by Windham & Windsor Housing Trust. The project will consist of 22 affordable apartments, 11 of which will specifically be designated for homeless populations. The grant funds will go towards rooftop solar installation which will power the units.
  • School for International Training (SIT) Solar Array and Agriculture (Panelist: Jack Haskell)
    A 150 kW array on SIT’s campus will supply the campus’s electrical needs and will also be a demonstration site for crops integrated into the solar field. The site will be an educational resource with speaker series and classes focused on the layered use of the land. The solar array is fully installed, the plantings will take place in the spring time.

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