Aron Temkin


Prof. Aron Temkin is a licensed architect and a professor of architectural design. His research has explored digital modeling as a tool for design refinement, and animation as a device for the temporal analysis of space. His scholarship includes design delineation and design pedagogy. His professional and scholarly work has been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally.

Temkin is a past-president of the Association of Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA), the leading digital design research organization in North America. He received degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and the Cranbrook Academy of Art and began his academic career as a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon. He then moved to Florida Atlantic University (FAU), where he helped establish FAU’s School of Architecture and in 2005 became its Director.

Temkin came to Norwich in 2010, originally to serve as Dean of the School of Architecture + Art. He was asked to serve as Interim Dean of the College of Professional Schools when it was established in 2012, and was named Dean of the College in 2013.

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Norwich University's Casa 802 and other Design/Build Projects
3:30 PM Design/Build Stage

Lighter, Faster, Smarter: Lessons learned and the ongoing work of the design build studios at Norwich

One of the oldest universities in the United States and a pioneer of experiential learning, Norwich University has a long history of design build within its architecture and engineering programs.  Following the aftermath of hurricane Irene the students and faculty have been working to develop innovative, affordable, and efficient home designs for Vermont.  Since 2015 we have been evolving design solutions for tiny homes, trying to maximize usable space, occupancy per square-foot, transportability, weight, and cost.  This presentation provides a short overview of our design build history followed by a more detailed discussion of our tiny house designs, our work with community partners, and our ongoing optimization efforts.