Chris Steines


In 2014, Christopher Steine’s then girlfriend suggested looking into building a tiny house. Chris thought she was crazy initially, but warmed to the idea after more research. When they began the long journey of planning, planning, and more planning, they were unimpressed with the local options for a foundation for their home. After finding and falling in love with the Trailer Made Custom Trailers design, and starting to build their own home on top of one, they approached the company and asked to become distributors to help make quality, engineered, tiny home foundations accessible to the Northeast. Since then, Chris, Wendy, and their dog Jane have talked tiny with countless DIY’ers and builders, and they have loved seeing what people can create when they think inside the box of a tiny space!

The Next Generation of Tiny House Trailers: Trailer Designs as a Foundation for Your Tiny House
4:00 PM Design/Build Stage