Claire Gear


Yestermorrow’s Executive Director Claire Gear decided she was going to be an architect before she graduated third grade. Even after her formal training at University of Washington and almost a decade of professional experience, she cites the many childhood hours she spent as the lead hand-sander and dust collector in her father's wood working shop as her most important challenge. She is a board member of the Construction Specifications Institute, an active member and volunteer for the American Institute of Architects and Passive House Vermont. With a passion for high performance buildings, Claire uses her certification as a Passive House Designer to explore the intersection of design, building science,  innovation and carbon neutrality. She has lived and worked in Norway, France, Montana, Washington, and Brooklyn, and throughout all her travels has maintained a deep love of learning. 

At Yestermorrow, she is a member of the senior management and leadership team, where she coordinates a group of talented people to ensure that the school's physical and administrative operations run smoothly. She looks forward to providing the tools, inspiration, and strategy to allow Yestermorrow's staff to excel.

When she's not working at Yestermorrow, you can find Claire helping run her partner Miles' medical practice and having adventures around the world. She enjoys climbing, running, coffee, bacon, whiskey, brightly-colored socks and scarves, succulents, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

Speed Design Review:

Yestermorrow's Tiny House Design/Build Certificate
2:30 PM Design/Build Stage

Yestermorrow Design Build School offers many types of curriculum geared towards the Tiny House enthusiast. The most comprehensive course offered is the Tiny House Design/Build Certificate, which is targeted to professionals entering the tiny house market and DIY-ers who want to design and build their own tiny home. The curriculum covers all the must-knows for tiny house design/build and offers students hands-on experience designing and drafting their own tiny house and building a tiny house on wheels for a real client.

During this talk, we will walk you through the four-week course, and everything that comes before and after. We will share the design, in-progress photos, and lessons learned. Afterwards, you can walk over to the Tiny House village and see the tiny house in person! 

Throughout this certificate course, students follow the critical path of the building process. It begins in the studio with examples of elegant, small-space design and hands-on drafting instruction. Students then gain experience in building fundamentals, including framing, electrical, plumbing, window and door installation, and insulation. The final module focuses on custom cabinets and built-ins for small spaces. Throughout the course, students may attend optional weekend sessions on tiny house design, composting toilets, and modern gypsy wagon design.

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