Joseph Yoder


In 2011, after Tropical Storm Irene left many people that we know scrambling for generators, or (Gasp! Shudder!) running their cars to charge their cell phones, Joe Yoder moved forward with his idea for TinySolar Vermont. Joseph Yoder's mission, since 2014, has been to sell very small, very affordable solar electric systems and related materials. We also strive to encourage DIY solar (yes, it can be safe and effective). Typically, we sell TinySolar systems to folks with tiny houses, yurts, or camps, and/or for back-up power in any situation.

Joe Yoder built his first DIY solar system in Danville in 1990, and had dabbled in it ever since then. In 2009/2010 he ompleted 3 courses in Photovoltaic Design & Installation at altE University in Hudson Mass., and then passed the NABCEP Photovoltaic Entry Level Exam.

In his current house in Montpelier VT, Joe has had DIY battery-based solar since 2006. He find that it makes a great back-up for the grid, and vice versa. When the grid power gets knocked out, he still has power (so do his chickens; they have their own TinySolar).

Very Small and DIY Solar Electric Systems
12:00 Noon Design/Build Stage
A brief demonstration and an introduction to very small battery-based solar electric systems. Then some discussion, with Q&A, about the pros and cons, and how to use them safely.

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