Spencer Knickerbocker


Spencer Knickerbocker, a senior at Marlboro College, studies economics interspersed with aspects of the tiny house movement, specifically financing solutions and nation-wide zoning laws and building codes. Obsessed with tiny houses for years, Spencer still spends hours every day browsing Pinterest and tiny house blogs.

As an intern with Tiny House Fest Vermont, Spencer spends his time finding exhibitors for the tiny house village, researching tiny house zoning laws and regulations, and exploring financing solutions for more affordable housing. Outside of his work with the festival and academics, He is also building his own twenty-foot tiny house on wheels. Outside of my work, Spencer is an avid cross country skier, runner, and waterskier. 

Tiny House Financing: Getting a Loan for Your Tiny Home
1:00 PM Design/Build Stage

We will discuss several scenarios in which someone would approach a bank or lending institution to obtain financing for their transition to tiny living. The financing options will center around what banks are willing and unwilling to offer, why there are different options, and how one can navigate potential barriers to find solutions to be able to go tiny affordably. The discussion will involve Daniel Yates, President of the Brattleboro Savings and Loan, who will provide insight towards the available financing options.

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