Erin Maile O'Keefe


As an educator and community artist/activator Erin has developed kinesthetic, multigenerational curriculums, facilitating group inclusion, connection, co-authorship and empathy. For over two decades, she has lead in-school arts residency curriculums that activate anatomy and life science studies for elementary students, ending in a community performance and student-led workshops. Erin’s background in dance, theater and architecture has made the crafting of temporal spaces and community play at the core of much of her work. With the completion of a Master Certificate in Creative Placemaking at Ohio State University, Erin founded The Human Connection Project that focuses on activating communities through municipal-wide arts projects, creative placemaking, and experiential engagement. Partners include local schools, businesses, organizations, municipalities and pedestrians. In 2016, Erin co-founded Tiny House Fest Vermont, hosting meaningful conversations about building, housing, and “place.”

The process of designing and building her first home, The Paper Boat House, has reignited the dream she had at age seven of designing architectural spaces.

The Paper Boat House: Choreography & Tiny House Design
11:00 Story Stage