Anderson Page & Kate Ziegler


Anderson Page has been building tiny houses since college, but it wasn’t until he moved to Vermont in 2013 with his girlfriend and business partner, Kate Ziegler, that Tiny House Crafters, LLC, was born. Since then, they have built thirteen houses together, improving their craft and growing alongside the tiny house community. Tiny House Crafters is known for working one-on-one with clients to create completely custom builds to fit unique lifestyle, practical, and aesthetic needs with a special focus on tiny houses for cold weather climates and off-grid utility systems. Want a shell, plans, or just some advice and consultation services? Tiny House Crafters can help you with any and every step of your tiny house project. If you have been looking for a company who has the skills and experience to build the custom tiny house of your dreams, look no further than Tiny House Crafters. 

Winter & Off-Grid Utilities for Tiny Houses
1:30 PM Story Stage

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