Joe & Kait Russo


Hi! We’re Joe and Kait of We’re the Russos. In 2015, we left our traditional jobs, minimized our possessions and downsized our lives in order to live our dream: travel and work for ourselves. Our journey to tiny living started from a 1,200 sq ft home to a 250 sq ft RV to our current conversion van which has about 90 square feet of living space. As we like to tell people, we don’t live in the van, we live out of the van and the world is our backyard. We’re excited to be a part of Tiny House Fest Vermont and look forward to sharing, learning and connecting with the community. You can learn more about our journey and see a full tour of the van at

We’re the Russos: living and working on the road in a conversion van
3:30 PM Story Stage

Want to learn about what it's like to live and work on the road in a conversion van? Joe and Kait will share the good, the bad and the "ewww...are they really going to talk about that?" parts of van life.