Chris Krieger

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Lauren Hudson and Chris Krieger are a husband and wife team of Airbnb entrepreneurs. The duo currently owns three rental properties and runs Wildwood Collective: a vacation rental marketing and management company for a curated collection of Airbnbs. In their 9-5 lives, Lauren is a creative director and Chris a finance executive. They are often found traveling to all corners of the country with their goal of hitting every one of our fantastic 61 National Parks within the next fifteen years. Learn more about their Airbnb collective:

The Journey to Going Live on AirBnb with Your Tiny House
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Tiny homes are in big demand by travelers. Over the last year alone, tiny homes topped Airbnb's list of trending vacation rentals. But designing a tiny space for guests can be quite a different experience than the process of setting up shop for your own personal dwelling. Hear from Airbnb entrepreneurs as they recount their journey to listing their tiny home on Airbnb: from finding the perfect unit, to welcoming their first guests...and the many challenges they overcame every step of the way! Learn their tips and tricks for attracting guests to our tiny movement, and set yourself up for hosting success.

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