Ethan Waldman

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Ethan Waldman is a tiny house author, speaker, and teacher. He built his own tiny house on wheels in 2012, and has been passionately helping future tiny house dwellers on their own journeys ever since. Ethan’s guide, Tiny House Decisions, has helped thousands of readers answer the big questions about tiny houses and plan each system in their future home. He’s also the creator and host of the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, a show that brings you conversations with tiny house luminaries, builders, and DIYers.

Ethan and his wife Ann live in their tiny house part-time in Northern Vermont.

In Compromising Positions: How to live in a tiny space with your partner
North Stage 3:30
Do you think you could you move into a small space with your partner or family? Couples who have lived together in tiny houses for years, share their stories and wisdom.

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