Tolya Stonorov

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Tolya Stonorov received a master's degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, where she was awarded the Chester Miller Traveling Fellowship, the Howard Friedman Thesis Prize, and multiple grants.

Stonorov is an award-winning Associate Professor of Architecture at Norwich University, a registered architect and co-founder of Stonorov Workshop.  Stonorov has practiced design-build since 2006, and her book, The Design-Build Studio | Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education, was published in 2017. In her professional and academic work, she strives to use materials and methods in honest and simple expressions to create spaces whose existence outlasts their original use. Fundamental to Stonorov’s work and teaching is the belief that making and designing are intrinsic to each other, knowledge of one strengthens and informs the expression of the other. Stonorov teaches second year studio, advanced level studios, including design build and a course on professional practice, ethics and construction documents. Her studios focus on community-oriented work, with an emphasis on helping the underserved through affordability, materiality, and holistic sustainability. Her professional and student work has been published in national magazines and has received multiple awards for excellence from the American Institute of Architects, Vermont Chapter.

Norwich University
Current design build studio: NEST
New book: The Design Build Studio | Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education
Stonorov Workshop

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