Speed Design Reviews

18_Speed Design Review.jpg

Are you beginning to design your own Tiny House or about to build one?

Do you have full plans or a couple of napkin sketches?

Grab a LEARN Ticket and you can sign-up for a 15-minute Speed Design Review with 2 or more local designers, architects and/or builders. Flesh out your early ideas or get help with final details. These generous folks will offer up lots of ideas and best practices to consider. So bring your drawings and your notebook. It'll definitely be fun!

Signing up for a session happens only at the Fest and there are only 15 spots, so get there early and look for the Speed Design Review table. (If you don't get a session, you may want to listen in on someone else's session for good ideas.)

Session 1:  11:00-11:15
Session 2:  11:20-11:35
Session 3:  11:40-11:55
Session 4:  12:00-12:15
Session 5:  12:20-12:35
Session 6:  12:40-12:55
Session 7:  1:00-1:15
Session 8:  1:20-1:35
Session 9:  1:40-1:55
Session 10:  2:00-2:15
Session 11:  2:20-2:35
Session 12:  2:40-2:55
Session 13:  3:00-3:15
Session 14:  3:20-3:35
Session 15:  3:40-3:55