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The future of housing and communities is on the minds of every policy maker, community leader, and citizen.

Tiny House Fest Vermont (THFV) is about bringing together the curious and the committed, the wonk and the wonderer, the builder and the architect, the maker and the buyer to celebrate the creativity and possibilities that tiny houses initiate.

The more folks, the better the thinking on these wondrous and humble structures and what they lead us to consider in any conversation about housing and community. Join over 10,000 people who share your mission.

This year, the THFV returns with

  • 30 structures to walk through

  • 3 stages for presentations

  • Speed reviews of tiny house designs

  • The tiny tiny house maker space

  • Parklets!

Our attendees are dreaming, designing, and building their right-sized houses right now in communities they care about. The innovation and resourcefulness you’ll find here is as Vermont as Maples and Moose.

See what past sponsors and exhibitors have said about their experience below, then contact us here.

Even in the 2017 daylong hurricane downpour, with 24 houses on site, we had so many interested folks come through our tiny house, we couldn’t imagine having time for one more. This year we will be bringing a custom house we designed and built for a customer we met at the Fest!
— Anderson Page + Kate Zeigler, Tiny House Crafters
We participated in the National Veteran’s Small Business Engagement in Minneapolis. Tiny House Fest Vermont 2016 offered more exposure.
— Julie Lineberger, President, WheelPad L3C
Attendance at Fest 2016 was amazing and the workshops were top notch!
— Alan Benoit, Sustainable Design of Vermont