Aidan Syms


Originally from Natick, MA Aidan Syms attended Green Mountain College in Vermont where he acquired his BA in Renewable Energy and Ecological Design. He participated in the Olwen Solar Garage design build on campus as well as the OTIS I Trailer. His experiential design education inspired him to pursue an M.Arch degree at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he is writing a thesis on Biophilic Urban Industrial Space. Aidan has a strong passion for design and a drive to create as an ecological protagonist. His work at Flexetail revolves around the design and manufacturing of their product in a way that pushes the boundaries of ecological integrity within contemporary retail space.

Flexetail: Experiential Retail in the Digital Age
with Aidan Syms
Story Stage, 2:30pm

Aidan will discuss the design development of Flexetail—a modern mobile retail space—along with the challenges and the solutions they found on the journey to create holistically sustainable experiential retail space. 

Erin Maile O'Keefe