Ashley Andreas

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Ashley Andreas is the Home Ownership Adviser and Project Manager at Vermod Homes. Her role is to assist clients in understanding the Vermod product and new construction process. She guides clients through everything from financing to final inspection. She is most enthusiastic about Vermod’s initiative in providing long term affordable and efficient housing to middle- and low-income Vermonters. Ashley studied Business and Environmental Science at Millersville University and the Community College of Vermont with a focus in sustainability and renewable energy.


Go Small, Go Zero with Vermod Homes and Efficiency Vermont
with Ashley Andreas & Phoebe Howe
Story Stage, 11:30am

Ever wondered just how healthy, comfortable, and resilient a new home could be? Vermod Homes, Efficiency Vermont, and affordable housing organizations are partnering to bring small, zero energy modular (ZEM) homes to Vermonters of all incomes. You’ll come away understanding the role of energy efficiency, decreasing carbon emissions, long term quality, and lasting affordability in the small home movement. Afterwards, come visit us in our traveling model in the Tiny House Village!

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