Gwen Hobson

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Gwen Hobson came to GMC after a myriad of joyous and unconventional experiences with the intention of building a tiny house. When she found that it wouldn’t be offered as a course, she created one and gathered a critical mass of students to assure its success. Having graduated, she currently is living in and testing the results of their work.

Quick! Let's Build a Tiny House!
with Gwen Hobson, Tyler Pastorok, + Michael Beattie
Story Stage, 3:30pm

A story of taking on a tiny house build as the last group project in the REED program (Renewable Energy and Ecological Design) of Green Mountain College, as the college is dying. We'll discuss design, construction, decision-making, simplifying and group work, and maybe a little about creating a positive vision in troubled times.

Erin Maile O'Keefe