Libby Smith


Libby is a designer in the field of Interior Architecture and a Masters of Design: Adaptive Reuse candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work seeks to address issues of mental and physical wellbeing through spaces that are restorative for the individual, the community, and the environment. Libby has experienced the acute stress of housing insecurity throughout her life and is drawn to the power of the Tiny Living movement to provide greater psychological and financial stability, meaningful community, and freedom to focus on the important things in life. As someone who has cared for parents with disabilities, Libby saw the power of WheelPad to provide critical and innovative relief to families in need. She partnered with WheelPad and Linesync Architecture this past summer to conceptualize and refine designs for a WheelPad Tiny House.

Wheel Pad: What's Next in Tiny Accessibility?!
with Libby Smith + Neil Joseph
Story Stage, 12:30pm

Libby Smith and Neil Joseph present Wheel Pad, a 200 sq.ft. accessible bedroom and bathroom that can be attached to an existing home. It is an affordable, eco-friendly non-toxic, immediately available living space offering privacy, and supporting the independence of individuals with mobility issues. Video and photos will provide insight into design, connections, and the future of Tiny Accessibility!

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