Peter Webster


Peter Webster joined ADi in 2013, after graduating from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst with his Masters in Architecture. A native New Englander, he enjoys exploring the natural world, vintage camper trailers, cooking, and zymurgy. Our project manager for craft brewing facility design, he brings his past experience as a professional brewer and publican (among other pursuits) to our growing portfolio of brewery-allied projects, with finesse and aplomb.

Austin Design

Craft Buildings for Craft Beer: The Alchemist, Lawson’s and Treehouse
Story Stage, 4:30pm

While craft breweries and and tiny houses may seem like different ventures, there are many similarities in the spirit of designing and building a place of your own. This talk shares 3 vignettes from 3 breweries illustrating how inspiration becomes material.

Erin Maile O'Keefe