Talks & Panels

2017 Line-up (Stay Tuned for 2018 Line-up)

North Stage

10:00  Welcome to Fest 2017
10:15  Resilience and the Tiny House Movement —Alex Wilson
11:00  Tiny House Zoning & Parking —Ethan Waldman
11:30  Winter & Off-Grid Utilities for Tiny Houses —Anderson Page
12:00  The Drawbacks of Breathing—Ventilation —Brian Just
12:30  Toilets in Tiny Houses —Abe Noe-Hays + Rebekah Owens
1:00  Living the Sustainable Tiny Life —Vera Struck
1:30  Lighting & Design of Tiny House Interiors: Ideas for Creating Your Best Living Space —Tim Mathiesen
2:00  Fostering a Design/Build Revolution for Healthy, Climate Resilient Places: Yestermorrow Design/Build School's Three Year Vision —Mike Crowley + Hannah Gant
2:30  Downsizing + Zero Waste Living in Tiny Houses —Chrissy Bellmyer
3:00  Wheel Pad's Journey from Design to Installation —Julie Lineberger + Joseph Cincotta
3:30  In Compromising Positions: How to Live in a Tiny House with Your Partner —Blair Belt + Jason Clark, Nika Fotopulos + Mike Iacona
4:00  Big Enough: Pioneering the Small Home Revolution in Western Mass —Megan McDonough + Pam Kimball
4:30  Integration: How Can Reimagining our Housing & Public Spaces Make for a Stronger, Healthier, More Equitable Town Emilie Kornheiser

South Stage

10:30  Rebooting the Bike in Vermont: New technologies & designs towards a bicycle transportation revolution —Dave Cohen
11:00  Lower Whetstone Project: Flood Mitigation and the Development of Public Spaces —Rod Francis
11:30  Itinerant Housing: from Refugee Camp to Tiny Houses —Felicity Ratte
12:00  What’s Old, What’s New and What’s Next: Vermont Housing Policy and Possibilities —Becca Balint + Jennifer Hollar + Katie Buckley
1:00  Creative Placemaking: What is it? —Leo Vazquez
1:30  Panel: Creative Placemaking in Our Region —Leo Vazquez + Emilie Kornheiser + Jessica Gelter + Rod Francis + William Edelglass + Evie Lovett
2:30  Tiny House for Change: Class Equity and the Tiny House Movement —Angela Berkfield
3:00  Pocket Parks & Tactical Urbanism —Ward Joyce
3:30  Makerspace Panel: The Convergence of Movements Around "Making" —Lee Schuette + Lars Hasseblad-Torres + Hannah Gant + Josh Bushueff
4:20  Teeny Tiny House Designs by our Maker Kids —Ross Smart + maker kids
4:30  To Find Your Place Before You Build Your Space: The Village Model —Tom Greene