• Sponsor the Fest

We don't have to tell you that there is a fervor around Tiny Houses. It's the confluence of housing equity, innovation, sustainability and creativity that supports our growing and changing communities. Support this groundswell community interest and grow your business through sponsorship.

  • Bring your Tiny House

Do you have a Tiny House on Wheels? Travel pod? Skoolie? Bring your house to this incredible gathering!

  • Exhibit your Business

Bring your goods and services to a well-attended event that generates creativity and optimism.

  • Present your Expertise

Do you have some cool Tiny House information to share? We'd like to hear more about it on one of our three learning stages: 

  1. "Social Impact" Stage (Housing trends/policies/zoning, Affordable housing, Regional housing initiatives, Creative placemaking, Tactical urbanism, etc.) 
  2. "Build" Stage (Green building, Insulation, Heating systems, Toilets, Ventilation, Trailers, etc.) 
  3. Design/Build/Dwell "Story" Stage (TH dwellers will tell the story of their design/build and answers questions about living tiny)
  • Design/Build a Parklet

Parklets are tiny, temporary public spaces, designed to fit in a single street parking spot. Let us know if you are interested in having your school or youth group get involved in the parklet initiative for next year. 

  • Be a Volunteer

Join our busy hive. Without you, this couldn’t happen. You Rock!