Tiny Houses for Change: 
Class Equity and the Tiny House Movement

SATURDAY at The Brattleboro Retreat Conference Room - 1 Anna Marsh Ln, Brattleboro, VT. (After you turn into The Retreat it's on the lefthand side and should be well marked.)

The day before the downtown street fest, join Tiny House Fest Vermont, Tiny House Expedition, Equity Solutions trainers, and up to 75 participants for a day of exploration and discovery.

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons of Tiny House Expedition are producing a docu-series providing an Educational Resource for Tiny House Advocates and Policy Makers called "Living Tiny Legally". 

The numbers of people who are showing up for Tiny House focused events represent a collective mandate for change.

How does economic inequality affect the Tiny House vision? How can individuals collectively disrupt a housing system that is unattainable for so many? 

Come join us at Tiny Houses for Change, a daylong workshop where we’ll explore how Tiny Houses and their occupants fit into the big picture of American housing and economics, why the Tiny House movement is booming, and what the barriers are to the the movement's success. 

Equity Solutions facilitators work in cross-class teams to provide insight into the Tiny House movement through a class lens. Together, we’ll identify strategies to overcome those barriers, and develop an action plan for increasing Equity in the Tiny House movement. 

"Through our travels across the US, we have intimately experienced the growing, multi-faceted tiny house movement and see first-hand how it is revolutionizing the American Dream and the housing market. This all began with a self-empowered, DIY effort to meet needs not being met by traditional housing and in reaction to harsh economic realities. Over the last 15 years, tiny home dwellers and advocates have gradually been pioneering equitable solutions for our broken housing market. Leading by example, they are steadily transforming hearts, minds and even policy to garner broader social and legal acceptance of tiny home living." -Alexis Stephens

Get ready for some lightbulbs to go off at Tiny Houses for Change! We’ll use storytelling, interactive activities, and a “we are all in this together” approach for renewed energy towards making a better world.

Together, we can take the Tiny House movement from individual choice to collective force for change!

Equity Solutions' Sliding Scale Donation Strategy
Here is the EQUITY guide to support you in thinking through how much to give based on your income and wealth:

  • $5-20 If you are making anything less than 40,000/year, without savings or wealth. $20-50 If you are making between 40,000-100,000/year, with under 20,000 in savings or wealth (includes equity in properties you own).
  • $50-100 If you are making between 40,000-100,00/year, with at least 20,000 in savings or wealth (includes equity in properties you own).
  • $100 if you are making 100,000-300,000 a year, regardless of if you have wealth.
  • $200 if you are making over 300,000 a year, regardless of wealth.

Donations higher than $200 are most welcome - they contribute to the continuation of this important work on addressing class inequality in our society.